Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Our Gluten Free Wedding

We got married on the 26th March 2016.. This blog post has been over a year in the making!

I wrote some time ago about our little plan to get married and, well, we've done it..  and we had a gluten free wedding with a lot of help from some people in particular!

First thing first, the venue. We toyed with the idea of renting just a venue and getting caterers in and organising everything ourselves in the beginning. We thought it would be more cost effective and also give us more control over the food. It turns out, that's not actually true. 

We stumbled across our venue when we were searching for vendors. We were in-between two viewings, did a quick google for wedding fairs, and ended up in Clontarf Castle, where the Sales Manager gave us the grand tour. 

We were quite straight with her about what we wanted and we were thrilled to hear that they could do gluten free everything. So we started to plan the rest. 

We started exploring cake options... There are lots and lots of cake options. We didn't want a traditional cake. We wanted cupcakes, but not just any cupcakes... super hero themed cupcakes. 

We had discovered a Super Mario themed cake and cupcakes by The Cupcake Bloke on Facebook and thought, this is the guy to realise our vision. My other half loves all things geeky, particularly Batman, and I'm quite partial myself, so we explained this to Graham (The Cupcake Bloke) when we met him for a coffee and he ran with our theme and came up with the above as samples. They were delicious by the way! They looked amazing. We were sold.

We discussed the finer details with Graham. Our cupcakes would be four different flavours with a top cake, two tier for structure in lemon curd. 

The end result was amazing. Truly stunning. Utterly delicious. Not one fault was uttered by a guest on the day. Visually we were absolutely delighted and taste-wise, let's just say there were no cupcakes left for us the next day!
Let's move on to the food for the day! We had a tasting in January and got to meet our chef, who seemed super enthusiastic with ideas, particularly with gluten free desserts. We were quite comforted by this. Amanda, our wedding co-ordinator, was great with everything. Every question we had she answered with precision (we would have been lost without her on the day, she was awesome by the way). 
We had canapés at our prosecco reception after our ceremony. I did steal the photos from our wedding guest (one in particular because she loves taking food photos as much as I do!). We had three canapés, as pictured above, all gluten free and one veggie option in there. I'm told they were awesome.. I was slightly preoccupied at the time.. (Photos, prosecco, guests etc.)

We had a 5 course dinner included on our day, starting with a gorgeous garlic and parsnip soup and followed by an asian chicken salad. We had so many compliments about both. I was super chuffed with our choices. For mains there was a choice of chicken or beef (freaking loved the gravy) and a trio of desserts, consisting of a meringue with strawberry and cream, lemongrass cheesecake topping and a rhubarb compot. All presented beautifully. 

We served gluten free bread and rolls with everything. One table asked for a second basket because they gobbled it too quickly. Actually, one asked if the bread that good was actually gluten free because he didn't think it possible. Score for the coeliacs!!!
We partied early into the morning and ate everything. There was party food later on that died a quick death with our guests. Gluten free breaded goujons being one of the options!

We had a beautiful breakfast in bed the following morning, complete with prosecco of course and heading off the following day for a few days in New York... but that's another post!

Remember this week, for Coeliac Awareness week, we have a cookbook to give away on the Facebook page so head over there! 

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  1. Great post Amanda.. lovely pics x hope ye are settling well into married life :-)

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